QuoteRates Fees

Individual One-Hour Session = $75.00 per hour

Individual One-Month Program = $250.00 which includes:

  • Four one-hour sessions
  • Telephone support
  • Email support

Support Group Meetings = $25.00 per meetingQuote

Individual Initial Consultation Meeting = No Charge for one-hour session
***All meetings and sessions are confidential and discrete.***


New Life Recovery and Coaching is a process that is focused on three main aspects of an individual's life:

Recovery Coaching

If there is an addiction or dependence on a substance or substances, the methodology and tools available are discussed. Education is provided on different programs that have proven success such as SMART, Celebrate Recovery, and a host of others. It is my belief that each individual has to find his/her preferred method of substance abuse recovery. That will increase the probability of his/her success.

Recovery Coaching

We look at our purpose in life. With a purpose we build goals which motivate us to achieve our purpose. With the achievement of goals we find success. New Life Recovery and Coaching provides a means to determine the individual's purpose in life, and then provides the tools to put these into action to see results.

Recovery Coaching

Career development is key to the success of any person. Sometimes when an addiction or dependence has overtaken our life for a period of time we have lost our focus on our career or we haven't taken the necessary steps to pursue the career to which we have been called. We explore options available to make improvements in the person's career status or possible explore options in new interests that an individual may have in their life's purpose.



It is the intention of New Life Recovery and Coaching to be flexible to fit individual needs. With the flexibility we also practice the concept of obtaining assignments and fulfilling them, monitoring progress, and celebrate goal achievement. This is a cooperative and task-based process. It is exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. I look forward to speaking with you about your aspirations, or possibly seeking the improvement of a love one's lifestyle or well-being.



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